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Invest in Lake Worth Real Estate

In a frenzied South Florida housing market, investors should be on the lookout for quality communities off the well-beaten path. An investment in Lake Worth real estate is exactly that.

The city of Lake Worth Beach unites a mix of family-friendly community events, cultural experiences and invigorating outdoor activities. Its historic downtown has a quaint feel and plenty of hidden nooks to discover. 

With such varied living experiences, investment properties in Lake Worth are guaranteed to hold value for years to come. Find out more of what Lake Worth has to offer with a tour of the city highlights.

A Historic and Artsy Downtown

Lake Worth Beach Cultural Plaza
Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

Above, Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. Below, a mural on Lake Avenue in downtown Lake Worth Beach.

Downtown Lake Worth Beach

The streets of downtown Lake Worth are quaint, colorful and intimate. Residents and visitors may not find the bustle of the city’s South Florida neighbors (unless the city is hosting a special event). However, they will find a variety of local restaurants, an impressive collection of art galleries, coffee shops and more kava bars than you might expect.

Downtown Lake Worth centers along two parallel streets: Lake Avenue and Lucerne Avenue. At the center of both avenues is the Old Lake Worth City Hall, now the City Hall Annex and home to the Lake Worth Historical Museum.

Outside, under impressive banyan trees, is the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza, with a stage and event space, backed by the colorful walls of the Annex building. A monument to Martin Luther King, Jr., featuring a rotating globe sits along the sidewalk, across the street from the library.

The ubiquitous murals along the main avenues and within hidden nooks of downtown Lake Worth Beach are an expression of the city’s emphasis on the arts. The LULA Lake Worth Arts Mural Project began in 2011 with a piece called the “9 Arch Mural Project.” The project has only grown in scope and creativity since then. A map can help you find all of the outside artwork.
The city also is big on preserving its history, with several locations on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Old Lucerne Historic Residential District. 

The city was almost completely rebuilt after some devastating hurricanes over the decades. However, the Historical Society of Lake Worth identified seven houses whose architecture dates back to the 1912 Census.

Lake Worth’s Foundations

The town of Jewell, as it was known at the time, owes its beginnings in great part to Fannie and Samuel James, a black ex-slave and her biracial husband. 

Fannie James founded the first post office in Lake Worth in 1889, while proving successful in real estate and business dealings alongside Samuel, who also worked as a carpenter. The couple owned more than 700 acres of land in the area, including most of what is now the College Park Historic District.

However, after her husband died in 1909, Fannie sold off the remains of their land in Lake Worth, as it had been renamed, and lived on about an acre outside the town. The 1913 charter of the town she had helped found would not allow her to live within city limits, as the Jim Crow era descended.

The city’s current claim as a haven of racial diversity is a return to its roots, Historian Ted Brownstein explained. In 2021, the city unveiled the Unity Wall Murals as a celebration of its diversity and triumph over segregation. 

The mural near the Lake Worth Beach Art Park.

Arts and Cultural Attractions

Lake Worth Playhouse

Above, the Lake Worth Playhouse. Below, a statue in Bryant Park.

A statue in Bryant Park

The Cultural Council for Palm Beach County is headquartered in Lake Worth, and it is just the beginning of the city’s artistic community. LULA Lake Worth Arts, operating from HATCH 1121 event space, works to unite and enrich the city’s downtown art scene. 

Other galleries include the Lake Worth Art League, operated by the nonprofit educational organization, and Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery. The Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts, in the large historic Train Depot, includes a glass studio where visitors can take classes or watch artist demonstrations. 

The historic Lake Worth Playhouse along Lake Avenue still provides a stage for plays and art performances and independent films.

The city Lake Worth Beach also hosts an impressive array of cultural events. The Lake Worth Beach Annual Street Painting Festival is the largest event of its kind in the United States. The city shuts down the downtown streets for a full weekend and invites hundreds of artists to create temporary – and incredibly inspiring – artwork right on the asphalt. The 2022 event happened in February. 

Lake Worth also is home to Palm Beach Pride, the county’s largest LGBTQ+ cultural event. The two-day event, held in March, takes place in Bryant Park and includes a pride parade, vendors, food and local talent.

Waterways and Recreation

Lake Worth Beach was named after the Lake Worth Lagoon. The 20-mile body of water, just barely separated from the Atlantic Ocean, provides a critical haven for marine life, due to the mix of fresh and ocean water via two inlets. 

The lagoon is a great place for kayaking, fishing and boating. The Snook Islands Natural Area, along the city’s downtown, provides picturesque views of the lagoon along a boardwalk as visitors explore mangroves and oyster reefs. The nearby Bryant Park offers plenty of green space along with a concert band shell and stage, walking trail and boat ramp. 

The Lake Worth Beach Golf Club, first established in 1926, is a gorgeous course steeped in history. Not far from the lagoon itself, its slight elevation offers impressive waterfront views along the full length course. 

Farther inland, just outside the city, the John Prince Memorial Park offers residents the full range of outdoor recreation options along Lake Osbourne. These include a campground, playgrounds, a range of sporting courts, bike trails and exercise courses as well as access to canoeing and kayaking.

Lake Worth Casino and the Pier

Lake Worth Casino

Lake Worth Beach sits primarily west of Lake Worth Lagoon. Its only claim to the Atlantic Ocean, flanked on both sides by the city of Palm Beach, is a small plot of land at the end of Lake Avenue bridge. 

However the city makes good use of its oceanfront. The half mile includes the William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier, a great spot for fishing and dining right on the water at Benny’s on the Beach

Nearby, you will find the historic Lake Worth Casino and Beach Complex. The newly renovated building does not include gambling anymore, but offers event space that harkens back to its 1920s architecture. Inside, Viva La Playa is the newer expansion of the nearby pier-based restaurant.

The city offers plenty of parking for both attractions and the beach itself. For an additional incentive to visit the ocean, the city hosts beach bonfires and family-friendly entertainment on second and fourth Friday evenings from November through February.

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