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A duplex property in Fort Lauderdale

What investors need to know about renting in South Florida

As an investor, you have been eyeing real estate investments in South Florida. You are considering a single-family property or maybe a fourplex to maximize your profits.  However, as housing prices continue to climb, is a rental property in the Sunshine State still worth the high price tag? At

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A female Realtor takes a call from inside a staged home.

How to prepare for a housing market crash

Last week, we concluded that today’s rapidly growing housing prices likely won’t result in a housing market crash like we saw in 2007. This week, I want to offer some tips for what Realtors should be doing to prepare for a crash anyway, as a smart business practice. First,

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An apartment complex in downtown Fort Lauderdale stretches into the sky.

The South Florida housing bubble: Is it ready to burst?

With real estate prices skyrocketing and buyers clamoring for a dwindling inventory of homes, are we experiencing a new South Florida housing bubble? Florida was hit hard during the 2007 housing crash. Seasoned investors like myself are wary of history repeating itself. However, the circumstances are different today. I

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A two-story fourplex in Florida, featuring an outside staircase up the middle.

Why should I buy a fourplex in Florida?

If you’re looking for a long-term real estate investment with less up-front capital, consider buying a fourplex in Florida. It’s one of my recommended investment strategies for multi-family investors. Let me explain why. What is a fourplex? You’ve probably heard of a duplex, which is two connected homes. A

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Explore the reasons to invest in Fort Lauderdale

Top Reasons to Invest in Fort Lauderdale

As South Florida real estate continues to grow in value, investors want to know where they should sink their hard-earned dollars. When it comes to multi-family properties, I often recommend that my clients invest in Fort Lauderdale. So: Why is Fort Lauderdale a good place to invest? Though the

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A set of keys hang in a door

Outlook for South Florida Affordable Housing

Savvy investors of multi-unit properties know to have an eye on the affordability of housing in their market of interest.

South Florida in particular offers unique affordable housing investment opportunities. Elsewhere in the country, affordable housing sales surged in the last quarter of 2021, while luxury sales saw a downtick. But here, the South Florida affordable housing crisis continues.

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