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A great investment property in a growing, vibrant South Florida neighborhood is just waiting to be found.

You see other investors building their portfolio with duplexes, triplexes or apartment complexes.  You know that now is the time to buy, and South Florida is the place you want to invest.

But you don’t know where to start.

Enter Royal Empire Realty.

We understand South Florida. We’re experienced in multi-family investments. We can take you from the real estate sidelines to reliable monthly income. We take the time to listen to your goals and determine the best investment strategy to fit your needs.  

As you begin your investment journey, we want you to have the tools you need to make the best investment choices. That’s why we offer our clients free calculators to help you determine the rate of return on any potential investment.

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Why Multi-Family Homes?

The home rental market in South Florida is growing at an unprecedented rate. In 2021, South Florida’s three major metropolitan areas – Miami, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale – each claimed a spot on the top 10 metro areas with the fastest growing rental prices.

It’s not too late to invest! There are great multi-family homes for sale in South Florida and plenty of opportunities to purchase prime real estate that will continue to experience growth in rental prices. Now is the time to join the investors who are capitalizing on a booming rental market.

Royal Empire Realty is your multi-family investment partner. Our experienced team will equip you with everything you need to find, finance and close on a property that will fit your investment goals. Our goal is to make your experience hassle-free. Our expertise means you can rely on us.

How do I determine the value of an investment property?

Before making an investment, it’s important to evaluate the potential profitability of the property. Our team uses several techniques to help our clients weigh potential options. 

Cash on Cash

The cash on cash return of an investment is a calculation of the initial investment compared to excess cash generated by the property each year. The cash on cash return is expressed as a percentage. 

This calculation usually does not take into account profits from the sale of the property, focusing instead on the extra income gained from the operation of the property alone.

For example: You invest $100,000 to purchase a property. In the first year, after subtracting out the cost of upkeep and operating the property, you make $10,000 in income. The cash on cash return for that first year is 10%. 

Equity Multiple

The equity multiple is a simple number to express how much the initial investment makes back. An equity multiple of 1.00x means the investment broke even. An equity multiple of 1.50x means you earned back your initial investment, plus 50% more. A number lower than 1.00x means you lost money. This calculation does take into account the sale of the property. 

For example: You invest $100,000 to purchase a property. In the first year, you make $10,000 in extra cash. However, in year two, you only gain $5,000 from operating the property. 

You decide to sell the property for $115,000. Adding your profits from year one and year two ($10,000 and $5,000, respectively), you end up with $130,000 in cash over the course of the investment. Compared to the $100,000 investment you made, you have an equity multiple of 1.30x. 

Internal Rate of Return

A popular investment evaluation technique is called the Internal Rate of Return, or IRR. The IRR calculates how much money the investment will make each year, taking into account that the value of money changes over time. The IRR is a more nuanced calculation. It does include the eventual sale of the property and averages the profits into a percentage of the initial investment.  

Download All Three Calculators Today 

Royal Empire Realty will provide you all of these calculators free of charge! Our calculators will help you estimate what you’d make in the first few years after the purchase and over the lifetime of the investment. 

We want you to take the first step in your investment journey. To receive your complimentary calculators, please fill out the form belowWe will send your these tools – no strings attached. 

We do hope you’ll consider Royal Empire Realty as your guide in your future investment journey. We would love to help you build your own Empire, one property at a time.

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