Melissa Donnahoe, broker / owner


Top Reasons to Invest in Fort Lauderdale

As South Florida real estate continues to grow in value, investors want to know where they should sink their hard-earned dollars. When it comes to multi-family properties, I often recommend that my clients invest in Fort Lauderdale. So: Why is Fort Lauderdale a good place to invest? Though the city is often overlooked by outside… Continue reading Top Reasons to Invest in Fort Lauderdale

Understanding Multifamily Housing Classes

What is a Class? Multifamily Housing classes are separated as “A,” “B,” “C,” or “D.” This grading scale depends on the physical condition of a building, as well as its market attributes. The ability to distinguish between these classes is essential in ensuring that you can find the best apartment deals for you. But what… Continue reading Understanding Multifamily Housing Classes